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Tournament Hosting

We host tournaments. We love friendly competition, who doesn’t? Show the world you’re a Big Dog and capable of doing what’s needed to win. In recent years, we’ve been no stranger to hosting our own tournaments. And with our layout we’re well equipped to handle everything from 5v5 in houses and large group events. We’ve constructed our facility to accommodate 5 man teams perfect for any multiplayer online battle arena or first person shooter team.

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Play with Hunter-M

How to Process the Tournament


Step 1.

Review Event Information & Rule Document on Event Page


Step 2.

Registration Smash.GG

  1. Registration is available two ways are shown below
    • Smash GG online: To register, please go to the event page, each event page will have the link of Smash GG for the registration.
    • At the store counter: Please visit store, each branch is ready paper base registration. Counter staff will follow up with you.
  2. Registration as a team or single player both are welcome. If you are single-player, the tournament admin will assign you to a team as a random method.
  3. Discord account is a requirement for the registration. So, please make a Discord account if you don’t have it before the registration.
    • Please visit https://discord.com to make an account of Discord. All players need it for team communication.

Step 3.

Join the Discord Server for finding teams and communicating.


Step 4.

Practicing at Hunter-M
– We strongly recommend to have a store membership because 2 hours of free serive time as a team practicing will be given to all store membership holders for every event for current and future.


Step 5.

You need to check the tournament bracket once the registration period is over on Smash GG.


Step 6.

Every event participants are needed to clear the same week of registration ending for the first week’s match. It is required to clear the weekend. You cannot say you are busy even on the weekend when your team captain asks you for the match schedule.


Step 7.

Each team’s captain and tournament admin will adjust tournament schedule.
– If there is an match between A Team and B Team
– A Team gives to B Team 4 Available match schedule, B Team should accept one of the 4 schedule


Step 8.

Two teams will visit either Hunter-M or I-Battle Lan Center for the match by team captain’s following.


Step 9.

After the tournament match, There will be public announcement of Winner & Prizing.


Step 11.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams will be invited to the grand final event in sereral month later.

Hunter-M Tournaments

There will be events for these games & more!

  • Valorant
  • League of Legends
  • Counterstrike: GO
  • Dota 2
  • Overwatch
  • Call Of Duty
  • Fortnite
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